Get Prequalified

Our Prequalification process is efficient and ensures you will have access to funds before you start making offers.

  • Close in as little as 10-13 days
  • Personalized Terms based on your situation
  • No Pre Pay Penalty
  • 6-12 Month Term (1-4 Unit)

If you’re looking to invest in Real Estate, it’s a smart idea to secure your funds.

When your funds aren’t lined up, you jeopardize earnest money dollars and unnecessary stress. It also provides you with more leverage against your competing buyers.

Getting pre-qualified before getting a property under contract is recommended. During pre-qualification, we will insure you meet the minimum personal requirements. Once that is confirmed we move to the next step of getting you access to capital so that your funds are locked in and ready to roll for all of your deals.

This can often be the difference between a closed deal and a dead deal, resulting from missing contractual timelines.

At iDeal Capital Solutions, we offer personalized terms with more options, including loan programs specifically designed for:

  • The New Investor
  • Seasoned Investor
  • The Investor with limited capital
  • The investor looking to Buy/Flip or Buy/Hold or Wholesale.
  • Large Scale Commercial/New Construction/Multi-Family

To find out if you meet our minimum requirements and are pre-qualified for a loan,   complete the form below to accelerate your path to Real Estate Profits!

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Factors which affect Loan Approval:

  • Bankruptcy Status
  • Funds/Cash Reserves
  • Credit
  • Job History
  • State You're Investing In
  • Pending Judgements
  • Foreclosure Proceeding
  • Federal / State Tax Liens
  • Clean Criminal History
  • Case by Case Basis

The Key to the Gate

Securing your funding is the first step in the process.

Find out if you meet our initial qualifications to be "Fit for Funding." 

Completing the form gets the ball rolling and gets you to the next step in the process.